We Satellites

Released 2008
Distribution: Warner Music Singapore, Malaysia & The Philippines

  • Zero
  • Save Our Souls
  • Shadow
  • Faces
  • Soul Not Science
  • Hail To The Friend
  • The Slaves And The Digits
  • Travel On The Sun
  • We Satellites
  • Liberation
  • Aura

"Electrico seems to have upped the ante with their third album.”

“ … It’s hard to imagine how a label would pass up We Satellites which is a nicely balanced blend of pop hooks & hip sounds … with a combination of guitar-based song-writing and urban electronic textures … ”
– Business Times

“Electrico, besides being one of the best local indie bands, is also probably one of the island’s most hardworking outfit … the band has also launched an amazing third album released this year, to much accolade and or course, love from us.”
– Juice magazine

“Singapore’s premiere band is back with their 3rd studio effort … they really do deserve all the recognition they are getting … ”
- Playworks

Hip City

Released 2006
Distribution: Warner Music Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & The Philippines

  • Electricorp
  • Walk
  • Stay Away
  • Love In New Wave
  • We're Not Made In The USA
  • Only Where I'm Going
  • Little Girl
  • Teenage Queen
  • Fever Fly
  • Hello
  • Hip City
  • All The World (Featuring Rivermaya)
  • Love In New Wave (Aldrin & Akien Regroove)
  • Love In New Wave (Tim Hudson Remix)

“Electrico is a superb outfit which has fine-tuned its pop-rock formula to perfection.”
– Straits Times’ Life, ***1/2

Hip City is a more than competent sophomore effort that deftly blends the rowdy and the romantic into one melodic swing.”
– Today

“ … remarkable taste in savvy pop-rock … hope burns for Singa-pop once more … the best national anthems are found in here.”
– 8 Days

“… a veritable piece of precision song craft.”
– MTVAsia.com

So Much More Inside

Released 2004
Distribution: Universal Music Singapore, Australia, Thailand & Indonesia

  • Studman
  • Crowd Killer
  • The Story of Slantboy
  • Runaway
  • Feed the Cats
  • I See the Light
  • Fabled Angst Machine
  • Much More Inside
  • Press Play
  • Funky Ass Cartoon
  • I Want You
  • Good Time

“Homeboys Electrico fire their first salvo and it’s a stupendous ‘no filler all killer’ rock meltdown.”
– Straits Times’ Life, ***1/2

“...Pillared by a strong musicianship, a clean mix and a happy lack of disdain for catchy hooks, this Singapore band might be on to something bigger and brighter than what the dubious 'local rock' moniker can offer.”
– 8 Days, ***1/2

“Easily the best Singaporean pop album this year.”
– Juice magazine